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    In just a few minutes, set up your chapter exec account and invite your members so they can start organizing group tutoring sessions. Easily keep track of everything in a simple management dashboard.

  • No need to go anywhere. Our tutors come to you.

    Sessions are conveniently located at your chapter’s dining hall or study areas. All tutors are background checked and screened for both knowledge and social skills.

  • Your first five hours are on us ($250 value)

    We know you’ll love our tutors, so your chapter’s first 5 hours of group sessions are completely free. No commitments, no strings attached, just results.

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  • Simple Setup

    In just a few quick steps you can onboard your chapter, invite your members, and start organizing tutoring sessions.

  • Become an effective Leader

    Working with us just made your job a lot easier, right? Now it’s time to make a difference. Get ready to see your chapter GPA skyrocket!

  • Meet everyone’s needs

    Whether your members learn best with individual attention or in a group setting — we’ve got you covered. Our tutors excel in both one-on-one and group sessions.

  • Manage spending on tutors

    You have total control over which tutoring sessions your chapter pays for and which ones your members are responsible for.

    Does your chapter currently have no budget for tutoring? No problem! You can still use the platform to organize sessions your members pay for privately.


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Our overall chapter GPA was a 3.05 when we started with Collegiate. In just one year, our GPA increased to a 3.19, which removed us from an academic focus letter from nationals. When you have 400+ GPA’s going into this number, this increase was a huge improvement. Maria Gorla, Ole Miss KKG Scholarship Chair
Collegiate Tutoring has significantly helped improve studying within our chapter. Tutors schedules are flexible and convenient—they meet us right at the sorority house. Without Collegiate Tutoring, our chapter would not be in the top 3 greek GPA’s! Scout Treadwell, Ole Miss Tri Delta Scholarship Chair

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