"Which subjects do you have tutors in?"

Collegiate Tutoring’s focus is primarily on the following subjects:

  • Accounting,
  • Business
  • Finance and Economics
  • Calculus
  • Algebra
  • Trig
  • Statistics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry and Biology
  • Spanish
  • Writing

If you need a tutor for a course we don’t currently offer, contact us and we will find you one as soon as possible.

"How do you screen your tutors?"

Collegiate Tutoring has 3+ years of experience in hiring excellent student tutors. All applicants have their resume and transcript reviewed before being phone interviewed.

We screen applicants not only for knowledge of subject material but also social skills, friendlies, etc.

Lastly, every tutor is thoroughly background checked by the most extensive background check report we could find. Tutors must pass this background check before they are listed on the platform.

"How does it work for Sororities?"

Your Sororities’ Scholarship Chair will create an account and invite your chapter’s members. Then, your chapter can use our platform to request tutors for sessions.

For your convenience, requested tutors will meet your members for one-on-one or group sessions at your chapter’s house. Sessions typically occur in the dining hall or one of your study rooms.

Our goal is to make sure that 100% of your member’s tutoring needs are covered and so we can make a positive impact on your chapter’s GPA.

"What are your prices for chapter-funded sessions?"

For Greek Chapters, we charge a flat rate of $50-$60/hour (depending on course difficulty). This means that the rate stays the same no matter how many members attend the session… so feel free to pack members in! The rate is the same whether two or twelve students show up.

Our tutors love helping large groups. In fact, we’ve held group sessions with 12 attendees, bringing the cost to only $5 per hour per member present.

"How does payment work for Greek chapters?"

We can either securely store your chapter-wide credit card or take payment via a mailed check. We are flexible to however your chapter normally does billing for vendors.

In either scenario, we will send your Scholarship Chair an invoice each Sunday with details from tutoring sessions over the previous week. After that, we will then either run your chapter’s card or request a check.

If paying by check, we prefer that your chapter send a check for unpaid invoices at least biweekly. Our goal is to make the billing process as simple as possible. This way we can focus on sending your chapter excellent tutors and boosting your GPA

"What are your prices for member-funded sessions?"
For Sorority Members, we charge $40-$60/hour (depending on course difficulty) for one-on-one sessions.
For group sessions, we offer a $10 discount to each attendee’s hourly rate. So, for example, each individual attending a group session would pay $30/hour after receiving the discount (applied automatically).
"How does payment work for Greek Members?"
For Sorority Members, we securely save a credit card for your account when you sign up. Your card won’t be charged anything until your tutor submits a report at the end of your session.
Your tutor will report the duration of the session which will be multiplied by the course’s rate. Sessions are reported in increments of 15 minutes and for a minimum of 1 hour. As an example, if you met an Accounting 201 tutor for 1.5
hours, your card would be charged $60 at the end of your session.
Remember, you may request your Scholarship Chair fund a session from your chapter’s budget — meaning you would pay nothing!

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